Hello! I'm Nathan Gao

I'm a visual designer, UI/UX developer based in Toronto, Ontario.

Welcome to my porfolio.

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BASH Interactive

Responsive Website


Responsive Website

Honda E-card

Interactive Application

Connoisseurs Club

Single Page Website

Iraq War

Parallax Scrolling


HTML5 Website

Lexus GS App

Interactive Application

Nike Basketball

HTML5 Microsite

Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication.

- Leonardo da Vinci


Who I AM

I'm Nathan, my work consists of website, interaction, media content design and development. I graduated from Durham College, and my major was Multimedia Design. Web design and front-end development is what I do the best, and love the most. To me, nothing is more exciting than learning new stuff, and creating better websites with that knowledge.

I'm currently on a short term contract for a web project, and it will end soon. So if you are looking for a motivated front-end developer, then let's talk!


My skills for web development include: HTML(5), CSS(3), Javascript, PHP, jQuery, AngularJS, Ajax, XML, JSON, responsive web design, Facebook Graph API, Twitter REST API, Google Maps implementation.

Other multimedia skills: Flash, Actionscript, video production, photography, print and graphic design. Contact me if you want to hear more.

My best friends: Adobe Creative Suite, TextMate, Google Chrome, Github, pencil and paper.

How I Work

Before doing anything, I always get to know my clients first. Every company has its own unique identity and style. Design is not only about creating pretty things, but also attracting the right audience.

I like to keep my design simple, and clean. Creating something that is user friendly and effective is my priority. Apart from that, paying attention to details is my key to success.

As a front-end developer, I enjoy playing with CSS to ensure development matches design. Other than that, solving all the problems, and finishing the job on time!

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